Universal Travel Group (UTRA)

Universal Travel Group, a growing travel services provider in the People’s Republic of China (“PRC”), engages in hotels reservation, air-ticket booking, national and international travel and tourism packaged services, map and daily convenience services throughout the PRC via the internet and through customer representatives. It’s wholly owned subsidiaries include: Shenzhen Yu Zhi Lu Aviation Service Company Ltd. (YZL) - www.cnutg.com; Universal Travel International Travel Agency Co., Ltd; Foshan Overseas International Travel Service Co. Ltd (Foshan Overseas); Xi’an Golden Net Travel Serve Service Co., Ltd. (Golden Net); Shanghai Lanbao Travel Service Co., Ltd. (Lanbao), and Chongqing Universal Travel Group E-commerce Co. Ltd, Huangshan Holiday Travel Service Co., Ltd. ("Huangshan Holiday"), Hebei Tianyuan International Travel Agency Co., Ltd. ("Tianyuan"), and Zhengzhou Yulongkang Travel Agency Co., Ltd. ("Yulongkang"), Shanxi Jinyang Travel Agency Co., Ltd. ("Shanxi Jinyang"), Kunming Business Travel Agency Co., Ltd. ("Kunming Business Travel"). Universal Travel's goal is to become the PRC’s leading travel services provider in all fields of the tourism industry including the aviation, hotel booking and tour packaging segments.

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